Up and Coming Emerging Technologies - Careful "Aliens" are Coming to Earth

21st Apr 2020


The pace at which technology is evolving in this 21st century is mind-blowing. It could be a herculean task catching up with all the trends as they seem to be evolving at lightspeed. Especially for those who just newly started getting interested into those subjects.


Among top technologies that have gained huge attention and recognition in the past and present decade; Blockchain, AI, Quantum and 5G technologies seem to be erupting in a more disruptive manner. Today I’ve decided to take an in-depth look at each of these technologies.

AI Trends 2020

18th Mar 2019


2020 Tech Trend: Companies get a better understanding of AI’s effects

In 2020, as AI makes inroads into professional services, companies will struggle with anticipating how AI can — or should — change their professions. AI is already changing the way contracts are interpreted, taxes are prepared and medical conditions are diagnosed. However, if the dominant strategy for deploying AI is for low-level problem solving, then companies could struggle with how to develop the human experts who will lead their profession in the future.