Revisn - ASSAY ABLOY keyless lock system fix

When Mr. Walia approached us with a serious problem with his IOT security system integration, Fractal Technology was there to save the day.




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Our goal was to update Revisn's on-premise server that was running its keyless entry software that communicated with the Assay Abloy lock system. We also had to fix the IOS app so that the keyless entry would work for there customers.


The biggest challenge here was working with various IOT devices and log files to figure out what the problem was and where the location of the issue was actually occurring. We had to spend a significant amount of effort examing server code, IOS log files, and the keyless entry system log files.  We tested various hypothesis until we found the issue. We were able to update the server and also fix the code in the IOS app leaving a happy customer in Revisn.