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At Fractal Technology, we understand that IT infrastructure can become complicated and inefficient. We also recognize that technology is constantly changing and, for you to stay competitive and grow, IT transformation is essential. How do you get the most out of your current IT investment and assets while evolving your infrastructure to be more dynamic and effective?


Blockchain Consulting Services

Our team begins by providing you in depth insight into decentralization, distribution, and the the token economy. If there is a blockchain fit we began to analyze and provide details about this fit, which is often based on applying existing technologies. Finally, we propose a POC that can shape the future of your company.


DevOps Services

DevOps is a project management methodology that solves the problematic product handoff between developers and operations staff. Instead of operating in silos, both teams collaborate on a project from start to finish. Our DevOps consulting will allow you to integrate with the methodologies of continuous delivery, application performance management, and unified infrastructure management.


AI, Big Data & Analytics

Business insights deliver the most value when they’re fresh. Fractal Technology offers analytics services and a robust partner ecosystem to help you uncover and apply insights rapidly to improve business outcomes. This includes AI and Big Data examination and evaluation.


Technology Modernization

Fractal Technology supports initiatives to modernize IT infrastructure for small agencies, to save money, and improve the Federal government and enterprise cybersecurity posture. This includes carrying you though code maintenance, data center and cloud optimization. These processes increase your security and speed of your IT for your customers.


IT Optimization

Will the IT stack that supports your organization today be able to sustain it tomorrow? Optimize, and you can build what’s next while maintaining the systems that run your business. Every IT decision maker balances 2 major demands: keeping the lights on and illuminating a path to future innovations. Rigid, proprietary infrastructure tips the balance too far toward maintenance of legacy tools. To shift your focus to the future, you need to modernize what you have or migrate to flexible, stable, open platforms and tools.


Serverless & Micro Services Consulting

Serverless computing is an emerging cloud computing model whereby cloud providers manage IT infrastructure and users are charged only for the resources they use. The growth of serverless computing has given rise to the concept of NoOps, whereby service providers automate and manage IT infrastructure and operations to such an extent that IT operations staff can focus on higher-value work in the software development life cycle. Let Fractal Technology take you to the edge of technology


operation-excellenceOperational Excellence

Fractal Technology highlights insights and recommendations empower your organization to build capacity, improve operations, and carry out successful efficiency initiatives, which will also generate significant value. A study by the consulting firm Accenture estimates that $995 billion in value could be created by 2025 if organizations in the US achieved a 1 percent annual efficiency gain in operations.

Our PhilisophyOur Philosophy

Fractal Technology is where the most passionate, creative, and high-performing people in the technology industry come together to make a difference. Every day is full of opportunities to have a meaningful, tangible impact. Our work feels important because it is. Transparency and collaboration are changing the world, and we've proven that you can build a company on those principles.

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