Fractal Corporate Milestones: 6 February - 6 March 2021

7th Mar 2021

We wanted to address some corporate milestones and future milestones  that we accomplished this month. We are moving at pace!

Accomplished Milestones:

1. Fractal Technology has officially launched its first fully functional "TestNet" with robust interoperable features. 

2. Fractal Technology has built its multi network technology and deployed this to "Dev”. 

3. Fractal Technology takes stronger role in standards in NCITS ( more details to come) 


Future Milestones: 


1. Fractal Technology disperses interoperable traffic across multiple routes. We want to finish all these routes prior to launching this area of our application. 

2. Fractal Technology intends to take its tech public on polkadot platform. We continue to communicate with W3 & major orgs. 

3. Fractal Technology begins its fully featured trading platform. Set to launch on June 17. 

Enjoy your week and stay tuned for more updates. 


- Ace